Information Security Assessment is a measurement of the security posture of an organization or a system. Assessing IT Security is an important part of any organization’s preventive maintenance plan. You cannot just setup a firewall and assume that your data is secure. As the IT infrastructure changes over time, they open up new vulnerabilities and every day hackers are inventing new methods to attack. Many organizations are to be bound by statutory, regulatory and industry-specific standards that dictate what security measures you should have in place and how they should be audited.

Even if your organization is not bound by any of these standards, it is a best practice to conduct security assessments periodically and get benefited from the results. Periodic security assessments help you to:

  • Demonstrate your customers that security is important to you.
  • Stay on top of the latest security threats.
  • Increase awareness and understanding of security issues across the organization.
  • Have a clear understanding of the risks to your data.
  • Get inputs to your IT Security roadmap.
  • Strengthen your IT infrastructure.

How can we help?

Crystalline’s Security Assessment methodology combines disciplined project management with latest cyber security technology and data protection best practices to perform comprehensive and cost effective assessments.

Crystalline works with your team to understand your business, critical data & systems and develop a unique assessment plan. A security assessment can be carried out at various levels. An enterprise-wide security assessment aims to determine control weaknesses or gaps across people, processes, and technology.

We offer the following security assessment services: