Penetration Testing

Protecting customer privacy and preserving intellectual property is a challenge to every organization. Penetration Testing evaluates the effectiveness of existing security to evaluate if there are any existing gaps in securing those systems.

Crystalline’s penetration testing simulates covert and hostile network attack activities in order to identify specific exploitable vulnerabilities and to expose potential entryways to vital or sensitive data that, if discovered and misused by a malicious individual, could pose increased risk and liability to the organization, its executives, and shareholders. Our security experts perform penetration tests attempt to gain access to online assets and company resources through the network, servers, from either the internal or external perspective, much like an intruder would.

These results clearly articulate security issues and recommendations and create a compelling event for the entire management team to support a security program.

Need of Penetration Testing

  • Identify the threats facing your organization’s information assets so that you can quantify your information risk and provide adequate information security expenditure.
  • Reduce your organization’s IT security costs and provide a better return on IT security investment (ROSI) by identifying and resolving vulnerabilities and weaknesses. These may be known vulnerabilities in the underlying technologies or weakness in the design or implementation.
  • Provide your organization with assurance – a thorough and comprehensive assessment of organizational security covering policy, procedure, design and implementation.
  • Gain and maintain certification to an industry regulation (ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI, etc.).
  • Adopt best practices by conforming to legal and industry regulations.

Our Approach

Kicking off a Penetration Testing service engagement includes an information gathering session used to document the target environment and define the boundaries of the assignment to avoid unnecessary reconnaissance services or attacking systems that are out of scope.

Information gathering session includes a definition of the target systems, time frame of the work performed, how the targets are evaluated, tools and software for the test and notification parties.  This defines how the penetration testing services will be started and executed.

Crystalline provides a complete view of the IT infrastructure security. Testing will typically be performed from a number of network access points, representing each logical and physical segment. Testing is conducted with the help of automated scanners, custom scripts followed by in-depth manual security testing against the application.

We provide adequate measures to overcome potential security threats to the network, both internal as well as external, such as Security violations, Interception, Spoofing, Denial of Service attacks, Virus attacks, etc.

Crystalline employs sophisticated techniques and technologies to assess your current risk levels. We test your IT infrastructure from external and internal perspective. The test results will point to the route of breaches and other issues that are detected during this exercise. Post our VAPT report, for those of you who feel we are capable of solving the issues identified, we provide a set of practical recommendations and the roadmap to address the risk exposure.

Download a sample report.