IT Security Audit

IT Security

Information Security Audit is a systematic and measurable technical assessment of an organization security policy that is in place. Information Security Audit is one of the best ways to identify the security holes in the organization without wasting the time and money when a security incident happens.

Many organizations are having information security policies in place. Crystalline has a team of auditors, who have the expertise in Information Security; assess the security policies, procedure and standard practices of your organization and helps you to identify the security holes. Crystalline collects the information of your organization’s IT infrastructure (physical and logical), Security Policies, Procedures. Crystalline analyzes the collected data and compares with industry standards such as BS7799, ISO27001 and legal requirements to specific industry and country.

After completion of Information Security Audit, Crystalline will conduct an outgoing briefing, ensuring that the management is aware of any problems that need immediate action. Crystalline analyzes findings and publish the report within a week after completion of the Information Security Audit.