Web Application Security

Every week there is news about some data breach where thousands of user accounts or credit card numbers were stolen and are available for sale on the dark web. Protecting customer privacy and securing the critical data is the fundamental requirement for any web based business. Organizations spend a lot of money to secure the data, but on the wrong things.

Many organizations assume that setting up a firewall and SSL certificate secures a web application. According to security industry analysts study 70% of the attacks come through web applications. Vulnerabilities in web applications have been responsible for some of the most damaging attacks in the recent past. These attacks were not stopped by the firewalls and SSL certificates. Setting up a network level defense is good, but not enough to secure the web applications as they are open to the internet and have enough privileges to access the internal resources like database and file system. An attacker can trick the web application to perform attacks on behalf of him.

You need to be prepared not just for the attacks that are happening today, but for the new attacks that will come tomorrow. You can achieve this by thinking like an attacker. However, setting up and maintaining resources internally is expensive and time-consuming. Partner with us, we provide the tools and more importantly the scalable team you need, that bring specific expertise to identify the logical flaws which result in vulnerabilities by assessing or testing your web applications on demand or as part of your development lifecycle and will help you to find the best ways to defend the integrity of your databases, file systems, user accounts and other important resources. Our team has constantly evolving skills and is available to you whenever you need them which means you can operate with confidence in a cost-effective way.